Important: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The Rotary Club of The Pas is cancelling
the Bill Bannock fishing derby slated for April 4,2020. Check the full announcement here.

Welcome to the Bill Bannock Classic Ice Fishing Derby – April 4, 2020

The Bill Bannock Classic is an annual fundraising ice fishing derby held on Clearwater Lake at the airport pumphouse area. It is put on by the Rotary Club of The Pas. The fishing area is designed on the Rotary Wheel. It has 6 spokes which are used for regular holes. The huge expanse of area between the spokes is the Super hole area. The ends of each spoke are included in the superhole draw. Each Super hole area has 5 superhole boxes comprised of 10 holes. All earlybird ticket holders will be assigned a superhole location by random draw immediately after the ealybird sales deadline has been reached.

Prior to the draw; earlybird ticket buyers may form a “Group”. Up to 10 fishers may be in a “Group”. See Group rules here

When names are drawn for Superholes-all the earlybird names are in the bin. If one member of a “Group” is drawn- the whole “Group” goes there.
Draw results will be posted on this website and at ticket vendors asap after the draw. Each Superhole area will be marked with a name and/or a ticket number.

This system has been unique to the Bill Bannock Classic, allowing family and friends to fish together.

The main fish caught is Lake Trout with the occasional Burbot, Whitefish or Pike. All species qualify to be entered by length. When an angler catches a fish—”wave and yell”—a Rotarian will come and measure the fish. In case of a tagged fish, a picture must be taken of the fish with the tag attached. All fish are released.

Normally there is cash and merchandise for prizes. There may be individual prizes passed out during the derby hours. There will be a 50/50 and an ATV draw. If there are not enough fish to claim all prizes; tickets will be drawn for the balance.

There is a refreshment bar and food available in the center hub.
At 8:00 am on derby day, the main gate is open. All tickets are shown, picked up, or purchased here. Anglers go to a staging area and are allowed to go to the fishing area by 9:30am. There might be a slight wait for the earlybirds to go and then regular ticket holders may go.
Fishing will start at 10:30 am and go until 2:00pm. Lines may not be in the water prior to 10:30 am.
The most common bait is a ½ to 2 ounce jig with a piece of sucker on it.

Check layout super hole results: Layout.

BUY 2020 tickets online here.


The Bill Bannock eticket will be replaced at the entry gate with our Bill Bannock ticket. You must stop at the gate to do this to be able to enter a fish or win a draw prize.

If you catch a fish- YELL and wave –  we will come to you to measure and release the fish