Rules & Derby Info 2020

Bill Bannock Classic

Promoters and organizations assisting in the derby operation, their agencies and agents are not responsible for death, injury,damage liability, theft or fire on any entries, Each entrant, upon entering the derby, will in effect, be signing a waiver form.

The Bill Bannock Classic will be from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM.


– must have a valid MB Fishing license or Treaty Status card in possession- Manitoba Fishing regulations are in effect


-must have a valid Bill Bannock Classic  ticket to enter the  derby boundry – this card must be visible

-must act as true sportsmen – unruly actions will not be tolerated                                -anglers may not `save` holes

-must be in the area of his/her line at all times           -Anglers may only have only one line in the water at any given time

-is responsible for their own catch. Under no circumstances may anyone else handle the fish. (Derbyofficials or a delegate may assist with handling fish). Common sense will prevail in the case of a handicapped person. Only that person can enter the fish.

Damaged or dead fish will not be eligible for a prize -No fish huts, tents, or coverings of any kind are allowed

Prizes will be based on length- ties will be in order of time measured        CHUMMING IS ALLOWED

No vehicles are allowed in fishing area- parking areas are provided

No alcohol ( other than that sold within the derby boundaries) is allowed.

No practice fishing is allowed near the derby site 24 hours prior to the derby.

The Bill Bannock Classic Derby will be restricted to the boundaries  marked by the committee.

All species of fish native to Clearwater Lake  are eligible

 Only those caught with a barbless hook in the usual manner will be allowed. Fish must be entered immediately, measured & registered at the hole by a Bill Bannock Official.

Only fish entered between the start and finish times will qualify. No person will be allowed in the fishing area before 09:30 AM unless directed by a derby official.

 The Derby Official’s decision shall be final. No other person can be considered as spokesperson for the rules.

-Rotarians are allowed to participate in the derby and are eligible for all prizes except the tagged fish.

TAGGED FISH- tags must remain attached to fish until an Official measures and takes picture

All rules have loopholes-it is the intention of the derby organisers to provide an honest sportsmanlike derby. In the interest of good sportsmanship; entrants are reminded that the “spirit of the rule” will prevail in all judgement cases.

Bill Bannock     EARLY BIRD Ticket sales end March 17th, 2020 at midnight

Group ticket sales————————ONLY Earlybird ticket holders may be part of a Group

A Group will be a minimum of two (2) and maximum of ten (10)

                  -anyone buying 2 or more tickets together will be considered a Group

                  -a Group may be added to or changed at any time until March 17th to the maximum of 10.

-the Bill Bannock committee are the only ones that can make changes to the Group numbers

                  -once the Group number is given- Vendors cannot make changes-

-Earlybird and Group sales will end on MARCH 17th- there will be no additions to any Group after that time. You do not have to fish in your Superhole Areas. You may go to any of the regular holes. You cannot change Group selected areas. Holes in a Superhole area are on a first come –first served basis. The ticket numbers on the sign for a Superhole area are the only ones allowed in that area.                Questions or changes-(

  -NEW —ALL ticket holders will leave the starting gate at 9:30 AM